Black Friday: Best deals on earplugs, headphones and speakers

Black Friday: Best deals on earplugs, headphones and speakers

Black Friday has more deals than you can compare on your own, so we pick out the best deals. Today: speakers, earplugs and headphones, because discounts are also included in the audio field.

Black Friday has now been going on for a whole week and discounts are flying around your ears. Literally in this case, because we’re dealing with a sound gag. Speakers, earplugs and headphones are at a discount, but they still have to be quality. Therefore, these are the offers that we recommend to you, because we would buy them ourselves.

Note: We do not do affiliate marketing, so our choices are not based on that. And a bonus tip in advance: If you want a device with a subscription, there are also plenty of sales available this week.

Beats Studio Pro

The “budget version” of AirPods Max. Unfortunately, the plastic can crack a bit, but more plastic headphones suffer from this. These Beats offer many of the features of the AirPods Max: spatial audio, transparency mode, and active noise cancellation. Unfortunately there is no automatic switching between devices, but it is more than 100 grams lighter. bee Amazon And Cool blue Beats Studio Pro is available now at $399.95 versus €299.99, a 25 percent discount.

Sony WF-1000XM5

Sony’s answer to the AirPods Pro. A great alternative, especially for Android users, because you get head tracking on certain devices, plus powerful, customizable audio. Moreover, you can stream music in very high quality, also from some Android devices. Moreover, the earbuds are small in size and have a strong battery life. bee Cool bluebee spherebee Media marketbee Amazon And with Sony These earplugs are now available for €299 at €249, a 17 percent discount.

Sony Enzone H9 headphone

The headset for demanding gamers on PC or PS5. With a foldable microphone for multiplayer gaming, noise cancellation, spatial audio, and up to 32 hours of battery life – and thanks to thick padding, it stays comfortable even after a long time. bee Amazonbee Cool blue And with Sony The INZONE H9 is now available at $278.99 versus €199, a 29 percent discount.

Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony’s penultimate masterpiece. One of the best wireless headphones with noise canceling feature has been released. Now you can get better stuff for more money, but there’s nothing wrong with this 1000XM4. Foldable, adjustable design, full sound and powerful funnel make this a perfect all-rounder. And with the 249 now priced at €199 (originally €379), you’re now paying another 20 percent less. Discount is included Amazonbee spherebee Cool blue And with Media market.

Sonos move

The Sonos Move 2 has been launched, and that means the first model is available at an additional discount. The First Move is still an excellent speaker, though, as you can use it outside via Bluetooth and indoors as a “regular” part of your Sonos network. bee sphere The Sonos Move (1) is now available at 425 for 299 euros, a 30 percent discount.

Sonos Room

The small version of movement is roaming. Although the Move is primarily intended for use in and around the home, you can also easily fit the smaller Roam into your bag. The benefits are the same: The Roam can also be part of your Sonos network at home. bee sphere And Cool blue It is available from 199 for 144 euros, a 28 percent discount.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

The best small portable speaker you can buy, without compromising on sound quality and with great volume. It’s waterproof, sound comes from everywhere and lasts up to 20 hours. bee Belsimple And Amazon Megaboom 3 is available now at $199 versus €129, a 35 percent discount.

JBL Boombox 3

Bigger speaker with more sound, but still portable thanks to the handle. It’s also waterproof, so you can take it to the beach or pool. You can listen there without worry, because the battery life is up to 24 hours. You don’t have WiFi, so you can only listen via a connected phone. The introductory price was still €579 in 2022, but the speaker has now been updated Amazonbee spherebee Cool blue And with JBL The same is on sale for 329 euros.

AirPods Pro 2

In our opinion the best wireless earplugs. Audio and active noise cancellation are greatly improved, and the addition of an adaptive transparency mode is genius. The latest version is included with USB-C Amazon From 279 to 239 euros, 14 percent discount.

Apple doesn’t offer a discount, but they do offer a gift card that you can then use in the online Apple Store for all products. This card can have a maximum value of €75 for AirPods, but this amount will apply to AirPods Max. Tomorrow we’ll find out how much your AirPods Pro gift card is worth this work It starts with Apple – we will update this article.

HomePod Mini

Apple’s mini speaker sounds surprisingly good for its size and is also a great focal point for your Apple smart home. The hub then forms, and you can control scenes and devices via Siri. bee Media market Only the gray model 109 is on sale for €88, a 19 percent discount.

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