Oos Kesbeke is not sure about the second season of De Gurkenkoning

Oos Kesbeke is not sure about the second season of De Gurkenkoning

“The Gherkin King” has not been shown on television for a long time, but the reality show on RTL 5 has already managed to attract many loyal viewers. Fans are hoping there will be a second season, but what are the chances? On the “BLVD Podcast”, Rob Goossens (32) and Luke Ikink (40) ask Oos Kesbeke about a potential sequel.

“You shouldn’t constantly repeat yourself, so we’ll discuss this in more detail.”

in King of Gherkin We follow the hit Os Kaspiki. He has elevated pickle making to the level of a true craft and is at the helm of the giant pickle empire of the same name. The reality series has been shown on RTL 5 and Videoland since October 12. Oos says on The BLVD Podcast that he himself has been approached for the series. “We once participated in the series Above the water, a series on family businesses. We were asked about this.”

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According to Rob, RTL management has been passionate about reality series for a long time. “I saw a clip six months ago of you and Dan clashing over this huge order, and when we saw that I also thought: This is going to work, we’re going to have fun watching this. Luke and I are having a lot of fun.”

Source: RTL Street

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