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Remedy Entertainment has announced the planning of two paid expansions for Alan Wake II: Night Springs and The Lake House. Both expansions contain new stories and gameplay elements.

Night Springs is According to entertainment therapy The first of the two expansions and takes place in a fictional television show in the world of Alan Wake. Through this expansion, players can take on the role of some well-known characters from the game.

In the second expansion, titled The Lake House, the player will be able to search a mysterious government research facility where something went wrong. Players can play as Alan Wake and Saga Anderson in this expansion.

Remedy Entertainment has not yet revealed how much the expansions will cost or when they will be available. Some media Such as I write that this will be in 2024, but this has not been confirmed. The developer also announced New Game+ mode, which also allows the game to be played on a new difficulty level. The Remedy team is working on developing images for the game. It is not yet clear when these features will appear.

Alan Wake II was released on October 27 for Windows, Xbox Series, and PlayStation 5. The game, a third-person shooter and survival horror game, was released thirteen years after the original release.

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