Online Transportation – KLM is offering additional locations in the United States this winter

Amstelwein – Thanks to the recently announced easing of travel restrictions, KLM will be able to offer additional seats in the United States this winter. The United States recently announced that it would allow vaccinated travelers from the European Union and the UK back in early November. The Dutch government has decided to remove the previous isolation duty for vaccinated travelers from the United States. KLM was previously forced to cancel flights due to this.

Recent Openings KLM has decided to offer flights to Las Vegas and Miami from December 7th. Passengers who have booked can contact KLM and book a direct flight for free.

KLM has previously announced that it will expand its network this winter to new locations such as Cancun, Port of Spain, Bridgetown and Mombasa.

Network strategy

The global target network is central to KLM’s strategy to emerge stronger and more competitive from the corona crisis. KLM has been maintaining this network as much as possible since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. This allowed customers to make (necessary) trips and continue to transport cargo such as medical devices and vaccines. This strategy helped KLM during the Corona crisis. It now makes it easier to re-measure. KLM continues to emphasize consistency in its travel control policy.

KLM: High health quality, flexible booking and high customer appreciation

KLM flies passengers to their destination with full responsibility. KLM has set the highest standards in hygiene activities before and after travel, for which the research firm has awarded APEX diamond status. This makes KLM one of the leading airlines in the field of health and healthcare. In addition, KLM offers its customers maximum flexibility when booking, changing or canceling travel. KLM was again awarded five stars by APEX; Based on customer reviews about service and product.

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