OMT: Other school quarantine rules | BNR News Radio

OMT: Other school quarantine rules |  BNR News Radio

OMT advises amending quarantine rules for school-age children. This is what many OMT members are telling the National Bank of Bahrain. These are medical microbiologist, Professor Marc Bunten and intensive care expert Dedrick Gummers. It remains unclear how this relaxation should take shape, and the Department of Health, Welfare and Sport has yet to make a decision.

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in a podcast Ask Gummers Diederik Gommers, densification specialist and OMT member, explains that it’s important to let children go to school as often as possible, so that they are not late in learning. We’ve come up with a plan for that, but it doesn’t seem to be working. So there has to be a new proposal, so the kids aren’t sent home every time, Gummers says.

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25 percent of children are currently at home, and this percentage is higher in some schools. I expect VWS to make an adjustment, but it also means we have to accept that there will be more infections among children, and that puts parents at greater risk. So it has consequences.

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“Isolation rules are being modified”

Given the large number of children now at home, Gommers expect to adjust quarantine rules for schoolchildren. “The goal is for as many children as possible to go to school for as long as possible, but that is not possible under the current rules. So the VWS has to come up with a new proposal. I don’t yet know what the proposal is,” Gummers says. Marc Ponten confirms, An OMT member now, Gummers said previously.

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