Omroep Zwart Runs Music Marathon for ‘Music Heroes at Risk’ | to watch

Omroep Zwart Runs Music Marathon for 'Music Heroes at Risk' |  to watch

With this initiative, Omroep Zwart wants to put himself on the map before the club can name itself as part of the public order on January 1. The music played during the marathon was composed by a team of ambassadors from Omroep Zwart and famous DJs. Rapper Typhoon, among others, will take care of a portion of Tuesday’s broadcast.

In July, outgoing Information Minister Ari Slopp officially gave Akwasi and his cohorts the status of the aspiring broadcaster. This means that they can set up programs for the nonprofit organization for the next five years. Slope noted that there were “comments” about the advice to ON! and allow BLACK to request. This relates to doubts about whether the aspirants have the same ideas about independent journalism as the NPO.

It basically comes down to the method! Questions the independence of the NOS. Akwasi, who is involved with Black, has also been criticized. He pressured a journalist in the ethics office out of anger at the way he was being interviewed. If broadcasters do not follow the rules, they may lose their right to broadcast. The independent commission oversees this.

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