Omikron pollution appears to be more severe than Delta

Omikron pollution appears to be more severe than Delta

At first, hope was based on Experience in South Africa that omicron would lead to a much milder disease course than previous mutations. From the first data from Denmark Turns out it isn’t. Although there are not many Danish patients yet, omicron infection often leads to hospitalization.

There is now a strong suspicion of this in South Africa Few people end up in the hospital After being infected with Omicron because many residents of the hardest-hit county have already contracted the coronavirus.

Up to 72 percent of Gauteng province were previously infected with SARS-COV-2. For this reason, South Africa’s experiences may not indicate what awaits other countries, say experts in the Guardian.

Even if Omikron turns out to be less annoying than Delta, that’s no reason to cheer. The more contagious variant is itself more dangerous – simply because the exponential growth in the number of infections can cause more people to get sick.

While expectations are that Omikron in Denmark will already have Most common virus variant RIVM expects the new mutation to be prevalent in the Netherlands within a few weeks, NOS . Reports.

So far, 105 cases of omicron have been detected in the Netherlands, RIVM reports. Fifteen of these are unrelated to South Africa. On Friday it was still about 60 people. Neither figure includes the eighteen people who were on flights from South Africa at the end of November.

Microbiologist Marc Bunten in Neussor warned Monday evening about O’Micron’s advance. He pointed to England, Denmark and Belgium where the Omicron was soon replaced by the delta variable. “This will also happen in the Netherlands.”

The new form is clearly more contagious. In addition, there is strong suspicion that Omicron can easily circumvent immunity through previous infection or through vaccination.

“We don’t yet know how sick Omikron is and how well vaccines protect it. If these two quarters are going in the wrong direction, we have a big problem,” said Bunten, who fears many hospitals will enter such a bad scenario.

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