Hackers show a PlayStation 4 jailbreak with firmware from September – Games – News

Hackers have discovered a kernel vulnerability in PlayStation 4 firmware version 9.00, which makes it possible to jailbreak this version. It also appears that the exploit is also possible on PlayStation 5.

so called pOOBs4-jailbreak posted on GitHub And the operation by many Twitter users confirmed. Firmware version 9.00 was released in September, so it is a newer version of the firmware. There have been previous PS4 jailbreaks, but the jailbroken firmware has always been at least a year behind the latest release. Sony has now also released firmware 9.03 for the console and the jailbreak is not working on it.

The error was found in the console file system. According to GitHub’s instructions, the img file must be placed on the PlayStation via the USB port, after which the payload must be activated via the browser. Jailbreaking allows the PS4 to, among other things, run homebrew apps on the PlayStation 4 and install illegal copies of games on it.

In fact, the new jailbreak can do nothing more than jailbreaks on older firmware versions, but since the new exploit runs on a newer firmware version, it’s available to many PS4 users.

a hacker I also mentioned That the kernel exploit should also work on PlayStation 5, without testing it myself. Different Andrei Pirates He then confirmed on Twitter that the vulnerability works on PlayStation 5, but is currently unrelated due to the lack of payloads for this console. It is not known which PS5 firmware versions the error is running on.

It’s only when hackers can transfer the payload to the PS5 that it becomes clear whether the console can actually run unauthorized software. If confirmed, this will be the first time the PlayStation 5 has been able to do so. Previously, it was a file root keys The console has already been discovered, making it clear that this is theoretically possible.

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