Odido, Pixel 8 and Android 14 Delayed (Android News #36 2023)

Odido, Pixel 8 and Android 14 Delayed (Android News #36 2023)

T-Mobile will continue as Odido and Google postpone Android 14 release. These are the top Android news of the week.

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T-Mobile becomes Odido: 11 questions and answers

The big news this week is the repositioning of service providers T-Mobile and Tele2 Mobiel. Both providers will continue as Odido. It is an independent Dutch brand that uses the slogan “It can also be done differently”. The company wants to do better with customer service than other mobile phone providers in the Netherlands.

The provider says it wants to listen better to customer demand and not lose sight of the human side. If you currently have a mobile phone subscription with T-Mobile or Tele2 Mobiel, nothing will change at this time.

→ Everything about Odido explained

We have to wait a little longer for Android 14 to be released. The new Android version was expected to be released this week, but Google postponed the release at the last minute.

It now seems that Google is launching the latest version of the Android operating system at the same time as the announcement of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones. These smartphones will be officially presented to the world on October 4th. Typically, OS versions are released before the latest Pixel phones are released.

→ Android 14 will come later (this is the new logo)

Motorola unveils the Moto G54: This is the new mid-range model

Motorola Moto G54 has been officially announced. The device is now available in China, but it will likely also come to the Benelux countries later. The affordable smartphone succeeds the Moto G53 that was launched earlier this year and has better specs on paper. We’ll go over the most important features with you.

Motorola equips the Moto G54 with a 6.5-inch screen with a high refresh rate of 120Hz. The important improvement is that the screen resolution is 2400 x 1080 pixels.

→ Officially announced the Motorola Moto G54 phone

“Samsung Galaxy Tab A9: the cheap tablet gets a lot faster”

It’s no secret that Samsung is planning to release a new affordable tablet, but little is known about the device’s specifications. Now we know what processor is in the tablet. This will be the MediaTek Helio G99 chip, which is often used in Android tablets.

The processor is now over a year old and is specifically intended for gaming. This means that the Galaxy Tab A9 is likely to be much more powerful than Samsung’s current budget tablets. The Galaxy Tab A8 (as of 2021) has a relatively slow Unisoc processor.

→ Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 gets a new processor

“These are the prices for the Google Pixel 8 (Pro)”

To get straight to the point: the Google Pixel 8 could be around €150 more expensive than its predecessor. While the recommended retail price for the 128GB Pixel 7 is €649, the Pixel 8 will soon cost at least €649. 799 euros. Its big brother – the Pixel 8 Pro – is more minimal 1099 euros it costs. This is 200 euros more expensive than the Pixel 7 Pro.

Naturally, smartphones also appear in versions with more storage space. So come one Pixel 8 has 256GB front storage 859 euros And even the Pixel 8 Pro costs 256GB or 512GB 1159 and 1299 euros. These are serious prices for the new Pixel devices, but they are not unknown in the smartphone market.

→ Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will become more expensive

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