From Alexia to Leonor: this is what the offspring of European royals will do after the summer

From Alexia to Leonor: this is what the offspring of European royals will do after the summer

We already know that Princess Ariane, 16,’s summer break is over, but of course she’s not the only royal starting a new school year. Ariane will study at United World Adriatic College in Italy for the next two years. Where do other young European princes and princesses do that? And what about military service? We’ve included it for you.

Princess Amalia

After high school, Princess Amalia did an internship at Oranje Fonds and did volunteer work in various organizations. Since September 2022, the Princess has been studying Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam. She is now entering her second year there.

Amalia’s father, King Willem-Alexander, served in the navy before studying at the Faculty of Arts in Leiden. He chose it himself. As a member of the Dutch royal family, it is not necessary to undergo military training. The king is not the commander of our army, air force and navy. So Amalia did not do military service, but that does not mean that she did not study defense. During the gap year I worked several times with the Dutch Armed Forces:

Radiant Amalia marches with the Dutch Armed Forces


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Princess Ingrid and her brother Sverre Magnus

In some other countries, such as Norway and Sweden for example, there is compulsory military service. Although members of the royal family are exempted from military service in Norway, it is a wise move for the intended heir to the throne. It promotes leadership, national solidarity and respect for the armed forces. So, in a year’s time, 19-year-old Princess Ingrid of Norway, who has just graduated from high school, will begin her military training with the engineer battalion of the Nord Brigade. But first, the future queen begins her work as a school assistant and environmental worker at the Oranienburg School.

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Ingrid’s brother Sverre Magnus, 17, will start his final year at Elvebacken Upper Secondary School in Oslo after the summer.

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Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has just completed her second year of history and politics at Oxford, but this summer she was also at summer camp at the Royal Military School in Brussels. According to the Belgian newspaper Standard She will continue her studies at the same school after the summer. It is the official start of her training to become Queen, as in her future role she will be Commander-in-Chief of the Army. Elizabeth’s younger brother, 19-year-old Prince Gabriel, also began his military training at the Royal Military School last year. Unlike the Norwegian royal family, Belgium does not have compulsory military service for members of the royal family. This duty for both residents and the royal family was suspended in 1994.

Princess Leonor

Like Alexia, Spain’s Crown Princess Leonor, who recently graduated from UWC Atlantic in Wales, will run the country’s toughest military program. She began three years of military training in the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Spanish newspaper El Pais Reports indicate that Eléonor’s military training takes place on a Spanish Navy training ship. You will also undergo training with the Spanish Army in Zaragoza, the Spanish Air Force in Murcia, and the Spanish Navy in Pontevedra. From 2025 to 2026 she will study in the Air Force at the San Javier Air Academy.

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She appears to be following in the footsteps of her father, who also served in the army for three years before becoming king. It is common for members of the Spanish royal family to undergo military training. This is often part of their training and preparation for future royal duties. However, it is not strictly mandatory for all members, rather it is a tradition and a way to prepare them for their role as symbolic leaders and protectors of national sovereignty. After that, it is said that she will attend law school.

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Princess Isabella

After the summer holidays, Princess Isabel of Denmark will continue her education at a new high school: the Öregard gymnasium in Hellerup, near Copenhagen. This school is of particular importance to the royal family, as both her father, Crown Prince Frederik, and her uncle, Joachim, were educated here.

Prince Christian

Brother Prince Christian will turn 18 at the end of October, so he has to make some decisions. Will he continue his studies after the summer or will he join the army? His father was in the Navy for four years and studied political science. So that the prince can follow in his father’s footsteps. It is still unclear what his future plans are. What is certain is that he will waive the allowance which he will receive from his 18th birthday. Just like our Princess Amalia!

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Princess Alexia

Finally we returned to our country. In the summer of 2021, Alexia will continue her education at UWC Atlantic in Llantwit Major in Wales. Here she completed her International Baccalaureate in the summer of 2023. This will not be a new school year for her, as Alexia is taking a year off, following in the footsteps of her older sister. what do you want to do? “A little travel, work, everything,” she said earlier during a newspaper interview.

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Princess Ariane

Princess Ariane spent the first four years of her high school years at Christian Gymnasium Sorghvliet in The Hague. The 16-year-old is currently enjoying an orientation week at her new school, United World College Adriatic in Duino-Aurisina, where she will study for the next two years. UWC Adriatic appears according to the British lifestyle magazine The Tattler You’re more likely to be in a stylish hotel on a cliff than in a school.

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