Nvidia RTX 4090: Awesome Custom Models Filmed – Lenovo Update

Nvidia RTX 4090: Awesome Custom Models Filmed - Lenovo Update

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Original post 09-14-2022, 9:02 –

In the lead-up to the unveiling of Nvidia’s first RTX 40 cards, images of some of the custom editions have already started to round up. Specifically, it concerns the RTX 4090 from Zotac and Gigabyte, which in both cases is equipped with a large cooler with three fans. Besides using 24 GB of vram, no specifications have been confirmed, the inscription RTX 4090 shows the same font as the RTX 4080 that appeared earlier.

The Zotac AMP Extreme Airo powers three expansion slots and, like the Gigabytes Gaming OC, is equipped with the same number of fans. Where the Zotac card has a renewed design, the Gaming OC is very reminiscent of the current RTX 3090 Ti card. The latter is at least 70 mm thick, which corresponds to about four PCIe slots.

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, will open the GTC exchange on September 20 with a keynote speech (5pm CET), where he will share more information about upcoming GeForce products. The RTX 4090 is expected to at least be discussed, which should be available during October.

Update 09-14-2022, 12:14 –

A custom version of the alleged RTX 40 card has now appeared, in this case a Lenovo model. This massive video card combines three fans that are about four expansion slots thick and barely fit in a pre-built Legion. The exact specs are not mentioned again, the picture shows in any case that this version uses a 12VHPWR plug.

Update 9/16/2022, 15:36 –

Videocardz has secured massive “Serious Gaming” card offers from Galax. It’s not clear what exact GPU is included, though a thickness of about four expansion slots and a 12VHPWR connector suggest a high-end model. Like the existing RTX 3090 SG, this variant is equipped with an additional fan on the rear, which can be removed or not. Moreover, none of the versions that have appeared so far show the NVLink connector, which indicates that Nvidia wants to put an end to sli.

The alleged RTX 4090 SG alongside the RTX 3090 version.

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