Nvidia AI Live Streaming tunes the speaker’s eyes as if they’re looking at a camera

Nvidia has updated the live streaming tool with new features, including Eye Contact. Eye Contact adjusts the eyes of the photographed speaker to appear as if they are looking into the camera, even though they are not actually doing so. The background and blur effects have also been improved.

the eye contact function “treasure” Where the camera speaker’s eyes should be if they are looking at the camera and then adjusting it. Nvidia says the speakers preserve their eye color and keep blinking going. The AI ​​tool also breaks eye contact if the speaker looks too far away, facilitating the transition between simulated eye contact and the speaker’s actual eye.

Nvidia says the new feature is suitable, for example, for people who want to film themselves reading notes or text, or avoid looking directly into the camera. This eye contact is actually good for videos like this, because according to Nvidia, it increases the contact between the speaker and the viewer. Eye Contact is currently in beta; Therefore, the company asks users to give their opinion.

In addition to Eye Contact, Nvidia is adding an updated Vignette, which, along with Background Blur, should provide a “bokeh effect.” Nvidia has also improved the effects of virtual background blur, replacement, and removal with My time Information that should make these effects work more stable and better distinguish between the background and the speaker. Finally, the update allows users to take screenshots and mirror their webcam image.

The backend is an Nvidia AI tool for video calling and live streaming, which only works with Nvidia RTX GPUs. The tool comes standard on some Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Lenovo, and Razer laptops, and some effects can also be used with other software via the SDK. Virtual backgrounds are for example on OBS, Streamlabs and Elgato Camera Hub.

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