Andre Hazys working on new album: “I can finally be myself”

Andre Hazys working on new album: "I can finally be myself"

André says in the letter that he only hopes to write a new song at first, but is so inspired that he will soon release a full album. “What happens every time in the studio cannot be described in words,” he shares with his followers.

Since the singer always compares himself to his father early on in his career, he ignores the idea of ​​what he really wants to make in terms of music. It’s different in his new album. “It’s risky, but it feels good and free,” André says.

The popular singer already has five songs that he and his team fully back on and have the approval to do a full album. Andre: ‘Every studio session is a victory. And thank you for letting me be myself and put out these silly songs!

Andre also shared a photo from the studio at the end of December, writing that “the fire is burning again.” It also means that he will perform again. For example, he will return in the second week of March for the Holland Zingt Hazes concert series. Andrei stopped performing due to exhaustion. In the fall of 2022, he admitted in an Instagram message that he was “in the darkest period of my life.” I have now overcome many addictions, but I will never lose the addiction to be able to sing for my audience.

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