NS strike dates were announced, last August 31

NS strike dates were announced, last August 31


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Trade unions FNV, VVMC and CNV have announced more details about strike announced From the staff of NS.

Railway company employees are due to stop working in the north of the Netherlands on August 24 and in the west on August 26. It will follow northwest and central Holland on August 29 and 30, respectively. The strike period will end for now in the eastern and southern parts of the country, as NS employees will stop working on August 31.

Strikes always last 24 hours, according to the unions. Exact locations will be announced at a later time.

Collective Labor Agreement Negotiations Failed

NS employees are retiring because CLA negotiations have broken down. On Friday, NS dismissed an ultimatum from the unions. These require, among other things, a one-time payment totaling €600 and a permanent monthly salary increase of €100 in total.

NS believed that these requirements went too far, because the train company is still in a difficult financial situation due to the Corona crisis. “The union’s demands lead to a wage increase of at least 20 percent,” the administration said.

Unions say nationwide strikes will follow if the party leadership does not comply with their demands. NS employees will likely stop working again in the first week of September.

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