NRC and De Limburger have to correct stories about CDA member Knops | interior

NRC and De Limburger have to correct stories about CDA member Knops |  interior

In each digital copy of both media about this accusation, the NRC and De Limburger must post a link to the ruling, with the text: “The judge has ruled that the accusation published in this article of ‘favoring tens of thousands of euros’ is illegal in relation to Knops.”

NRC Media and Mediahuis Limburg must also pay legal costs and the bill from Knops’ attorneys.

Two years ago, newspapers wrote that Knops preferred “for tens of thousands of euros” when buying a plot of land that he bought under the so-called “room-for-room arrangement”. This arrangement provided for the demolition of old pigs in exchange for housing construction. Knops was going to get that land cheaply. Knobs himself states that he paid the standard amount.

NRC journalist Joep Domin says in an initial response that Knops didn’t work out at nearly all points. “We were allowed to write that it was preferred,” Dahmin said. “Only the amount we mentioned, tens of thousands of euros, according to the court is not supported by sufficient evidence, and that must be corrected,” he added.

The NRC and de Limberger are still debating whether or not to file an appeal.

In his May 12 speech, Nobbs stood in court for the “victims of the Dahmen gang,” referring to NRC journalist Joep Domin. “Many are shocked, frightened and devastated,” Nobbs said in a petition sent to Dahmin on Twitter. “The same pattern every time. Brutal, frightening, reversing the burden of proof and “hearing both sides” as a checklist.”

The current representative of the Christian Democratic Alliance spoke in this regard about slander and slander and anonymous sources.

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