Now ChristenUnie really wants Corona to be passed outside the law

Now ChristenUnie really wants Corona to be passed outside the law

The possibility of making a corona entry ticket mandatory again when visiting certain places should be removed from the law. This is the view of the ruling party Cristinoni.

“I keep the Corona card in the toolbox only in the event that my group does not fit at the moment,” Representative Miriam Becker said tonight in a debate on the extension of the law.

Corona ticket use is regulated in a temporary law that has already been extended five times. This extension is only submitted to the House of Representatives thereafter. The extension was discussed tonight from March 1 to June 1, but the Cabinet has already announced a sixth extension, in which the possibility of Corona’s passage is also kept open.

“The Corona Card now does not contribute to protecting the health and safety of the vulnerable,” Baker said. That’s why ChristenUnie wants to delete the passage with the following extension of the temporary law, or in a new law.


Becker noted that there is no need for such evidence anywhere in the Netherlands at present, and that this does not have serious consequences. According to her, this relates to the least pathogenic omicron variant and the vaccination rate. You should consider the procedure only if a new, more dangerous variant is introduced. However, proportionality must also be taken into account.

“ChristenUnie also believes that restricting basic rights should receive significant weight in legislation,” Baker said. If she sticks to her post, there’s a good chance there won’t be a House majority for the Corona Entry Card. This measure was controversial from the very beginning, since, according to many parties, it was ineffective, and, moreover, it would reinforce division in society.

It is also questionable in the Senate whether the Cabinet can find a majority.

response minister

Minister Kuipers stressed that the Corona ticket will not return unless it is an effective method at that time. “It’s something you have to be very careful about and I don’t see it coming back exactly that way. But I can’t rule out the possibility that it could still be used to keep the community as open as possible.”

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