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Whenever young phone makers announce such gadgets in addition to a smartphone, I always have mixed feelings because often times the basics aren’t sorted out yet, such as sound quality or camera and battery consumption is often idle.

Not that there wasn’t one thing that was so successful that they could actually split their money between other products. Which in turn requires attention to service and marketing. I’ve also heard about a lot of issues with the Ear1. (battery drain, connection issues, ear detection, charging issue)

I had that feeling with Essential, too. A very good idea, but focusing on gadgets could have been implemented later.

Ifixit also only gives 3/10 for the degree of repair. Hard to disassemble, hard to find spare parts. Everyone thinks nothing is ok, Oled, 120fps, decent SOC but no game changer.

Why is it so difficult to make a phone that you can unscrew, replace the screen or battery, and reseal it? Nothing is even waterproof, so they can’t use that common excuse.

Sometimes I don’t understand what’s so hard to do differently and focus on the phone itself rather than those tools. If I were to build a phone I would go open source for maximum support, make the battery and screen easily replaceable and make the camera module in two variants. 1 standard and 1 pro with zoom for example.

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