9to5Google discovers a menu to control the Google Assistant without a call sign – tablets and phones – news

9to5Google has discovered a menu in the Google Assistant apk detailing an experimental feature called Quick Phrases. This feature eliminates the need for the assistant’s call sign for certain voice commands.

The Google Assistant control function without a call tag like “Hey, Google” was actually discovered in April. Then it became the code name guacamole used by Google, while the term now quickly Phrases used for function and salsa for voice commands.

9to5Google Discover Also in April, only alarms and timers can be deactivated without having to say the call sign. Now it also seems possible to request weather information, set timers and alarms, skip music tracks, adjust volume and control lights.

According to 9to5Google, different voice commands must be enabled individually if someone wants to be able to activate them without the call sign. There will be then Voice Match– A voice recording is made to ensure that the command responds only to the user’s voice.

9to5Google suspect That Google uses Voice Match recordings and uses them as actual Assistant callsigns. The editors have also discovered that it is possible to activate these call signs on other Google Assistant devices. It is not clear if and when the feature will actually be rolled out.

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