North Korea talks about a “serious emergency” after the first infection with corona now

North Korea talks about a "serious emergency" after the first infection with corona now

North Korea officially reported an infection with the Corona virus in the country for the first time Thursday. Leader Kim Jong Un announced the closure. So far, the authorities have claimed that the tightly closed country has stayed safe from the pandemic.

State News Agency KCNAOWhich declared the pollution, speaks of a “serious national emergency”. According to the news agency, it is related to the highly contagious compound Omicron BA.2.

North Korea’s reading that no one has contracted coronavirus in the country in the past two years is completely implausible. For example, a year ago, Kim fired several senior officials who had not properly implemented the government’s anti-Corona policy.

The leader, who did not elaborate, said these employees had caused a “big crisis”. North Korea shares a hard-to-guard, roughly 1,500-kilometre border with China. In the Chinese border city of Dandong, among other cities, the number of infections has risen sharply in recent weeks.

South Korea stated that the Presidential Office of South Korea wants to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea after confirming the outbreak of Corona newsletter

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