Nominees Robinson’s Tears: ‘Dear Mom, I Miss You’ | to watch

Nominees Robinson's Tears: 'Dear Mom, I Miss You' |  to watch

Who would win any trial, suffer the most hunger, or hatch the most dangerous plans to vote on the others? Journalist Dennis Janssen takes a weekly look back at Expedition Janssen Expedition Robinson In three axes: heartache, hunger and heroism.

Hunger for the final is increasing. Who will do it? Who else falls? What will the semi-finals look like? What is this slope, right? Not yet – For the old among us – Who Shot JR Ewing? That Jay Jay Tower is going to fall, of course, you know that too. And that Sandra wins. Or Robert. That would be a thing. Robbert, who didn’t win the solo test, was completely comfortable with the eating test, which he didn’t even have to start with, and which slips through everything. Robbert, in whom I increasingly believe. He had a pure chat – about being what you want to be – with Jay Jay. It was funny that they changed swimwear. And it was so powerful that Robert told Sandra what he was about: that she was very generous with the rice and the flour. “Everyone was complaining, but nobody was saying that.” Robert Robinson, that sounds very good.

© Mark Reijntjens

How did Rene van Meur watch this episode? You smell the moment Brett dropped her pie in the sand? “Karma,” she said herself, for the “dirty” game she was playing. First Rene, with whom she had a special friend, of course, good morning from the game and then, after a decent work of acting, she also got rid of Jasmine. It was by no means the hero’s role. Brett missed the block-stacking test by half a second. Going from heaven to hell, thinking she had won, she jumped a hole in the air, but when Kag told the Gorges that Anuk was a little faster, the dance of joy gave way to a stamp foot dance. Could Renee or Jasmine text her tonight? Something like “just right” or “hahahaha” or… “karma!”

It was cruel to have a Do, Anouk and Sandra puzzle and suddenly hear the voices of their loved ones. “My dear mother, I miss you,” Daughter Du sneered. I think you have one more thing to do, which is win. ‘I see you do it,’ said Anuk’s friend, ‘make them a tiger’. “We are very proud of how far you have come and what you have achieved,” Sandra’s husband said. “wait!” The three – now over four weeks without loved ones – broke apart piece by piece, stopped bewildered for a moment and wiped the tears from their eyes. After that, they hug each other who will be waiting for him at home as well. Yes, I have complained a few times this season. Too many candidates, too much ambiguity, unequal opportunities and too much arbitrariness. Fortunately, the tonight show also showed his pure side, with pictures cut in the throat. This is too Expedite Robinson.

Jay Jay Boskey and Robert Rodenburg.

Jay Jay Boskey and Robert Rodenburg. © RTL 4

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