The man ends up in prison after Frank Visser is sentenced for his neighbor’s dispute

The man ends up in prison after Frank Visser is sentenced for his neighbor's dispute

The concerned couple have been arguing with their neighbor since 2003. According to the first aid judge, there will be harassment, serious noise, inconvenience and destruction. Tensions escalated to the point that the couple hired a well-known television judge. However, after the ruling, which imposed a mutual ban on contact, the neighbors became more involved in their dispute.

At the local supermarket, the people involved let themselves go. During an escalating argument between the neighbor and the spouse’s wife, the neighbor hit her with a hammer on the head. His neighbor was injured and the police arrested him. He is currently under arrest and is suspected of having committed a serious assault and attempted murder.

Despite the neighbor’s arrest, the couple remains concerned. Fearing that their neighbor will harass them again if he is released, the couple decides to go to court. They are convinced that their neighbor will repeat himself, because this quarrel has been going on for nineteen years. Since the dispute escalated – after the communication ban was imposed – they want to impose a full restraining order.

The neighbor himself believes that this is unnecessary, because he is ready to move. However, the judge decided to proceed with the injunction due to the seriousness of the incident in the supermarket. The neighbor’s wife and children are allowed on the street into their house until the move is complete. According to the judge, the neighbor is ‘largely’ responsible for disputes with neighbours. For this reason, the judge also has to pay the costs of the proceedings.

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It is not known whether the neighbor regretted the supermarket dispute, which got out of hand. On the other hand, Glenys Grace would be happy to reverse the infamous Jumbo incident earlier this year:

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