No Man’s Sky Expedition debut lets players ride big sandworms – Games – News

Hello Games is releasing a new season update for No Man’s Sky. Among other things, this update adds a new expedition called Emergence. This expedition focuses on finding huge sandworms, which players can also tame.

Hello gaming writes Emergence is No Man’s Sky’s first expedition with a story. The expedition takes place on the arid planet Wasan, where players are stranded. According to Hello Games, this world is devastated by dust storms and titanium worms. Those are the colloidal sandworms that plow the Wasan Desert. Players must use Impact sites Find and destroy these giant worms. The expedition also includes a “dark story” in which players reveal the history of a sect.

The update adds many other improvements to the game in addition to the expedition. For example, No Man’s Sky gets various forms of sandworm. Players can also use a large sandwormCompanion Tame them and then feed them, pet them and ride them. The particle effects The game is also being improved and Hello Games is adding new cosmetic items, which are rewards for completing the Emergence Expedition.

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