No. 11 Oregon State defense vs. No. 5 Washington offense

No. 11 Oregon State defense vs. No. 5 Washington offense

Capital Trent Bray On how to defend Washington broadly:

“Cover them.” They’re talented, so we’ve got to do a good job without our hands, with our feet, at the line of scrimmage. Then make sure you stay on top of them and if they throw it, throw it down.”

Bray on what makes the Huskies’ offense so difficult to cover:

“They’re really talented. Talented at receiver, good offensive line, the quarterback has plenty of time. He knows where to go with the ball quickly, gets it out quickly. They’re talented all over the place on offense.”

He brayed about what Michael Penix does the best:

“I mean he probably throws the best deep ball I’ve ever seen from a college quarterback. That’s one of his strengths but he can make all the throws from far out to the sideline, he’s got unbelievable arm strength and accuracy.”

Bray on the Huskies as they run the ball more:

“There was an emphasis by them because they got a really good running back and they had a really good offensive line and tight ends, so the fact that they didn’t run the ball well had nothing to do with that, there wasn’t ‘now there’s the tackles and that’s why they run the ball so well.’”

OLB Andrew Chatfield About the Husky crime:

“Good team, really good team. The midfielder comes out quickly and they play together very well. On film, I think I can bring him in here and there but this is a good team we’re about to face.”

Elbe Calvin Hart On what will allow OSU to succeed against Washington’s offense:

“Do our job. Lately, they’ve been a more balanced attack than usual. They’ve gotten a little bit heavier but there’s still a lot of passing, especially on third down. Just making sure we’re doing our job, making sure we’re all up front. We’ve got questions and answers, Make sure we all do what Coach Bray calls us to do.”

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