Nintendo wants to produce more Switch consoles in 2023 than the previous year – Gaming – News

I have a Wii U, Switch, and Steam Deck. I have a BoTW for the Wii U and Switch, I run it on my Steam Deck (it’s easy to run mods), and yes I can make my backups on both Wii U and Switch, I even own the gear because for the SNES I still have to and N64 to do, modding Nintendo controllers has been a huge hobby of mine (even the virtual boy couldn’t escape it). To say that this game works better via Steam Deck emulation than on Switch is a bit shortsighted. You can get a better frame rate on the Steam Deck if you limit the graphics graphically/functionally at certain points. And then you emulate the Wii U version (which is much easier to emulate than the Switch version), which was originally a pattern behind the Switch version in terms of graphics.

Besides, it’s subjective whether or not the Switch’s hardware is lean today. Well, The Witcher III is indeed a good example of the fact that the hardware has its limitations, and games are still being released for it that can very well rival AAA’s offering for PS5 and Xbox Series S | X. Since the 6-year-old Switch, which has barely been reduced in price since its launch, has been a best-selling console almost every week in the past year, I wonder if the new PS5 and Xbox aren’t a bit short. Apparently, they don’t have as much to offer as the Switch. I also enjoyed playing on the new gen with friends, but that didn’t at all convince me to upgrade my Xbox One. But maybe I’m not the target audience, for me the new gameplay options through more RAM/better CPU are more important than going from 30 to 60 FPS. Not that I don’t enjoy the coolness of graphics, but I personally prefer watching movies and series for it.

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