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Of course not, and there is no need for that. You can also compare apples to oranges (eg @Frog Moore Eel Say).

I am very familiar with Nintendo games, but at some point Nintendo must realize that they are very limited. BTW, the game is more than 4K resolution and a lot of frames per second. I don’t talk about that either. Nintendo (and its partners) can always do what they do best.

Players (young and old) are becoming more and more demanding, especially with the amount of games available in the market, but if they keep limiting themselves (the hardware), the competition will come to an end (the blue/green team).

The developers have already proven themselves enough that they also want to create (big) open world games (Pokémon, Zelda, Xenoblade, Final Fantasy…) but since Nintendo’s current console is limited, the (full) capabilities are not present. Unfortunately.

You can also do it like Microsoft: the regular Nintendo Switch and thus the Nintendo Switch Pro (or something else).

(Edit: I really enjoy Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games by the way. But Metroid Prime as in NGC will be pretty empty, probably, at current capacity)

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