“Nintendo makes twenty percent fewer consoles due to lack of chips” – Games – News

I’m not talking about playing “Switch” games on Steam Deck, I’m honestly saying nintendo games are the reason I pick up the Switch a few more times a year.

But all other games not published by Nintendo are “only” for sale on Steam and can therefore be played on Steam Deck. Be it Doom Eternal, Hades, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Danganronpa, Diablo, Stardew Valley or maybe The Witcher 3, You hold my drift…these are all playable on Steam Deck. No piracy.

So why buy it on the Switch when there’s a more powerful portable device I can run it on? And usually you can buy for less, too (for fun, compare Switch prices with Steam prices—not to mention third-party sales-).

So you call it a completely different market, I see two mobile devices with the same third-party games (aside from the fact that of course there is a much larger library available on PC with countless games that the Switch does not have, including part one MS and Sony games) One of them is stronger and cheaper. This looks to me exactly like the same market with a clear winner.

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