A month after the electoral coalition agreement in the Czech Republic, Babis infiltrated

A month after the electoral coalition agreement in the Czech Republic, Babis infiltrated

In the Czech Republic, five centrist parties reached an agreement on the formation of the government. The Spolo (‘Together’) bloc with center-right parties won the elections early last month and is now partnering with a center-left coalition, including the Pirate Party.

“We have agreement on our coalition agreement and our priorities,” said Peter Fiala, leader of the centre-right Democratic Party. It is not yet clear what the exact plans are. Ministers have not yet been appointed.

Villa is likely to lead the new government. It is also clear that there will be more ministers than the previous government. There will be a new Minister for EU Affairs, a Minister for Legislation and a Minister for Science and Research.

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The center-right and center-left blocs together won 108 of the 200 seats in the Czech House of Commons. ANO Party 2011 Billionaire Prime Minister Babis became a surprise Hardly defeated. The two blocs had said earlier that they did not want to cooperate with Babis and launched campaigns against him and his policies.

The new coalition should, among other things, work to reduce the government deficit. Due to the Corona crisis, the state has lost a lot of money on support measures, and the pensions and salaries of civil servants have also been increased. At the same time, taxes were reduced. The Ministry of Finance expects a deficit of approximately 15 billion euros for next year.

It will likely take some time before the new government is sworn in; President Zeman, who plays an important role in forming the alliance, has been in hospital since October 10. It is not yet clear when he will be able to return to work.

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