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The games will not belong to you, but the rights to use,

There has been debate for years and years and years, millions if not billions being spent on legal and scam situations, but in the end only one definition can remain.

Purchase == Purchase == Transfer of ownership.

If you are not buying the game, but the license, it only means that you cannot modify, copy, distribute, reuse in other works etc the content of the game. To the extent that copyright provisions do not expressly allow this.

and what is expressly permitted by copyright, fair use, personal backups, and personal measures to ensure that you can continue to use the product for its intended purpose.

License: You can sell the user right, which means you lose the right to yourself and someone else acquires it, so you must delete all your copies and installations, remove backups and transfer the original license and medium.

There is little linkage between all the judgments of all the world court cases here hence a large number of judges disagree with this (some certainly for financial reasons).

Max seems to be light on ‘extremely angry’ self-implementation of measures to ensure you can keep playing your game, so there’s a good chance they’ll let me sell their rotten Sega with all their cassettes. or cdroms or whatever was in it, but i am not allowed to stock the checked roms. But then you can make it yourself. Because this is specifically fair use. while it’s over illegal distribution Goes if I did it for you.

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In principle, this may sound crooked and may bully the consumer, but this clearly shows where the line is drawn. The cdrom is yours (owned), the right to use is yours (owned) but not the actual game (the license).

Then we come right where @bzzzt starts about the intent to use so this literally comes down to the question, what can this emulator be used for, what story makes the most sense, and if you can’t tell (you can now as soon as you don’t have someone’s mind) Then you look at what often happens in practice. Hence we see that all these exploiters on tpb have messed up the court.

But in the end, there is no solution to this problem.

If Dolphin finds a way to make it possible to copy games from the original media, floppy disk, cassette cartridge, or CD, and create some sort of license from that, and also actively enforce when those licenses come online, go with Warez to, keep playing your own games

Such a check and implementation costs money of course, and this definitely means that the project is no longer free and open source, in fact, if this piece is / becomes open source, it can be bypassed with a fork and you will be back to the start.

On the other side of the spectrum Nintendo could also be customer friendly and say send us your old stuff and we’ll send you a rom file (with your name in it against illegal distribution) for a fee, personally I’d be pro whether or not it’s subject to such action a light Coercion, from everywhere (otherwise your copyright will expire once wildly abused)

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