May 29, 2023

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Nintendo game designer explains why Super Mario Bros.  Film 'works fine'

Nintendo game designer explains why Super Mario Bros. Film ‘works fine’

Super Mario Bros game. The movie has actually been out in cinemas for a while now and it’s doing very well. Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto explains how the previous mixed reviews eventually led to a huge success.

From its opening weekend, it was clear that the film was doing much better than its predecessor from 1993 and was already a huge box office hit. However, the two films have one thing in common and that is the mediocre score for Rotten Tomatoes. Both have a “rotten” result.

A bad result led to success
During an interview with the Japanese press, Miyamoto explained how the films exceeded his expectations and why poor initial reactions led to successes.

“Of course I had expectations, but it really exceeded them. Sometimes you need a little luck of course. I think the bad reviews caused more awareness and more attention from the media.”

Reason for criticism
The criticism was mainly that it was a simple and predictable story, too rushed and that it had too many easter eggs. It soon became apparent that the public was not bothered by this.

We don’t know much about a potential sequel yet. There were already rumors before the movie was released that there would be a spin-off about Donkey Kong. So there is not much clear in relation to the rest. At the moment it is Super Mario Bros game. film At least it can still be seen in the cinema.