BlackBerry devices with BB OS and BB 10 will stop connecting on January 4 – Tablets and phones – News

The BlackBerry was the first smartphone without a home button, and it was just as silly to require your app to gesture and swipe as you had to go back. etc. It was destroyed in the media.

The idea of ​​continuously running 8 apps that you use the most and integrating everything into HUB so that you can use whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, Messenger and. Twitter, SMS, calls, and emails all come in one box which was great and you can reply right away from there without starting apps. Everything was integrated, even all the video and audio codecs were on the device without any app installed at all. Privacy was also a standard present, but who wants privacy and they were the first ones you could disable and block things. This was too much for the media too and they just didn’t get it.

Now we don’t know any better and when Apple released its first device without a home button (3-4 years later) the media praised how great this was and was similar to what BlackBerry released with the BBOS10. Unfortunately it’s hard to find everything in a box and integration with both Android and Apple, and I missed that very much when I switched to Android. Fortunately, you can still install the distributor from BlackBerry and can not do without having everything in one box.

It was too early and the market wasn’t ready for a full touch screen device like the iPhone S4/S5 with a removable battery at the time. The Z10 was still selling well, but it couldn’t compete with the media. BlackBerry developers are engineers and geeks and believed that a good product with good software would sell itself. BlackBerry QNX made software for Apple in waterloo for Apple carplay, since BBOS10 works with both Apple and Android apps, BlackBerry has chosen only its own apps and Android app support.

Now they make software for the auto industry, building aircraft including Boeing, trains, aerospace, security software with artificial intelligence and so on, but the hardware is no longer there, although there are no smartphones, but other devices.

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