Nino Cerruti (91): Innovator in menswear, famous in Hollywood

Nino Cerruti (91): Innovator in menswear, famous in Hollywood

“I wanted men to be more free in their style and more elegant in their freedom,” Cerruti himself summed up his contribution to fashion that was casual but still elegant. He always insisted on being the first to try each design. “I’ve always dressed only for one person: me.”

Young Giorgio Armani, who would further develop Cerruti’s innovations, got his first chance as a junior designer. “I learned from him not only the preference for softness in clothes, but also the importance of detailed vision, as a designer and entrepreneur,” his former student reacted to Cerruti’s death.


His more expressive and whimsical style quickly made Corruti famous in Hollywood. Michael Douglas was dressed as a ruthless businessman Wall Street Don Johnson in Tropical Pastel Colors Miami Vice. His clothes gave a devilish luster to the Jack Nicholson inside The Witches of Eastwick And the monotony of bodyguard Clint Eastwood underwent in in the line of fire.

“I loved the movies, but it was also a way to spread my ideas about fashion outside of the traditional places where clothes are sold,” cross-pollination once explained. “Different creative disciplines were separated at the time and I wanted to combine them. Collaboration between fashion, art and cinema is now commonplace, but it wasn’t always this way.”

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