Nine days after hurricane, American finds cat alive in the rubble

Nine days after hurricane, American finds cat alive in the rubble

Sunny Gibson had already resigned herself to never seeing her cat Matix again. His office in Mayfield was nearly destroyed, as were many buildings destroyed by the hurricane in Kentucky.


Gibson suspected that the Matix must have died somewhere under the rubble. When he went to visit his dilapidated office last Sunday, he suddenly heard a meow noise from beneath the rubble. “I thought my brain was fooling me,” he says Defender. “But when I called his name, I heard it again.”

It turned out that the animal was locked in a hole under the rubble. Gibson called some of his staff to help free his pet, which he always carried with him to his business office.

“I was so happy to be able to catch him again,” Gibson said. “If the cats really had nine lives, it might have been eight years old in the last few days. I can not imagine anything escaping that hurricane and debris.”


Earlier this month, dozens of hurricanes pounded the center of the United States. It is wreaking havoc in nine states. The deadliest states are Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas. According to the latest reports, a total of at least 93 people were killed.

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