Ad Code Committee: Achmea anti-fireworks ads are misleading

Ad Code Committee: Achmea anti-fireworks ads are misleading

The Advertising Law Commission has reprimanded insurance company Achmea for a commercial About the seriousness of fireworks and the annual number of victims. The authority considers commercial advertisements to be misleading. The insurance company should not broadcast advertising, is the recommendation.

The case was brought by the Fireworks Lovers Association. The interest group spoke of a “fact-free smear campaign” targeting imitation fireworks.

Grief, national anger and work

In the commercial, which is set up as a news release, a number of numbers are listed about firework victims and firework damage. The insurance company reports, among other things, about 1,200 people injured by fireworks, including nearly 400 children. More than 500 people were also said to have sustained burns and more than 300 serious eye injuries.

An audio commentary stated that this news would lead, on any day of the year, to “sorrow, national protest and action.” It is said: “Only on December 31 do we call this tradition.” Then the insurance company asks you not to set off the fireworks yourself, but to go to a fireworks show.

With the announcement, Achmea wanted people to think about imitating fireworks in general and not just to highlight the negative consequences of starting the fireworks yourself. But the Committee is of the opinion that it is the ordinary viewer who will transmit the last message. The announcement is therefore not clear, according to the commission.


The ad has been shown on television and the Internet in recent weeks. The fireworks industry reacted indignantly to the commercials and approached the Advertising Code Committee. The commercial has not been shown since November 23, but the Het Vuurwerk Lovers Association says his complaint was filed before that date.

ACMEA can still appeal the ruling.

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