Nikola Jokic unleashes ‘bad cheap shot’ at Markiv Morris in the ugliest play of the season

Nikola Jokic unleashes 'bad cheap shot' at Markiv Morris in the ugliest play of the season

Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets hit Miami Heat’s Markiv Morris with a kick from behind that knocked Morris’ head back during the game. NBA Monday match. (Watch the video below).

Morris had a neck injury, but he was wandering into the locker room planning to undergo “Necessary testsMiami coach Eric Spoelstra said in a tweet later posted by the Heat.

Jokic, who was fired after the flogging attack, admitted it was a “stupid play” and said he “felt bad” after watching Morris’ head “bounce again” in the replay, ESPN reported.

One broadcaster described it as “a bad cheap shot from a great player”.

Late in the fourth quarter, Jokic appeared to abuse another Heat player without a call. As he dribbled the field and passed the ball, Morris hit him in the chest.

The Nuggets Center responded that Morris had his back, and put everything in his hand 6-foot-11, 284-pound tire In pushing the forearm that knocked Maurice to the ground. Morris was assessed as a flagrant foul and Jokic was sacked.

Morris remained on the floor in palpable pain while summoning the stretcher, but eventually walked into the Heat’s locker room, Denver Post mentioned.

“This was a dangerous and dirty play,” Spoilstra told the newspaper.

The Nuggets won the game, 113-96, but could lose their star if the NBA suspends Jokic.

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