June 10, 2023

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Niantic is finally providing the first response to the #HearUsNiantic2 promotion currently underway

Niantic is finally providing the first response to the #HearUsNiantic2 promotion currently underway

Where the intent itself is to reverse (or at least partially reverse) choices made regarding remote raids, #HearUsNiantic2 has increasingly become a measure against the use of communications from Niantic in recent weeks. Once we critique this as well.. especially during a MetaPodcast, Denise and I let know that the lack of communication in particular is nasty and even arrogant.

Finally there was a response from Niantic to the #HearUsNiantic2 campaign. Not through their own official channels, which they really should, but it’s at least good to see that there’s a response finally. Pokémon Go Director Michael Steranka and Senior Producer John Funtanilla commented in an interview with Dotesports. on their website You can read the full interview, but below, see the most important parts:

Yeah, we definitely noticed, you know, it’s hard to ignore, right? Like, I personally get tagged a lot in a lot of these tweets. So we read everything, we see everything, it’s one of those things we never want to come out And answering a couple of calls like that, unless we actually have something to show for it. And for us for the remainder of this year, we really feel like actions will speak louder than words.”

Niantic has (obviously) seen the messages, but it’s not the policy to respond to them. In addition, we prefer to speak with actions rather than words. By introducing new features in the near future, they want to show that they really care about their players. In addition, Steranka says again that it is in the interest of Niantic’s mission:

“Again, a very painful decision, this is not something we took lightly. But it is something we felt was necessary to prolong the life of the game and to ensure we didn’t really compromise on our mission.”

For now, we can assume that there will be no change in the way raids are carried out remotely. However, we expect the #HearUsNiantic2 show to continue for some time. Especially since there has been no real direct contact yet.

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