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Maybe if the games weren’t the same.

These games feel like a hard modification of the existing game, or a remake. Niantic is trying to exploit their AR engine for more than just PoGo, and as far as I know, it hasn’t really succeeded (not as successfully as PoGo, anyway).

At least the game type is broadly the same, and I agree with @Ricmaniac’s assumption that not many people play more than one of these games at a time (switching from PoGo after someone invested a lot in it isn’t happening anytime soon. whether). They should be trying to tap into a new market, so of course they’re also using existing IPs for that in hopes of getting fans into those IPs, but as far as I can tell, it’s pretty much the same target audience over and over again. Hence PoGo is the best and most developed and in terms of world building/lore it still makes sense how the game works. This is much more difficult for Harry Potter transformers. For that, they moved the augmented reality gameplay into a world where it doesn’t work very well.

This is how PoGo remains master and manager for the time being.
In any case, I expect as much from this game as I have from previous IP attempts (little or nothing).

Quick Google, no idea how reliable this is however https://app.sensortower.c…er/niantic-inc/1037205060They’re killing those augmented reality titles off the assembly line, but they don’t all get more than a thousand sales a month, unlike Pokemon Go which has millions of sales a month. I think there is a case of quantity over quality and therefore you can also classify this new Monster Hunter game as one.

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