Archaeologists discover a private Roman winery near Rome

Archaeologists discover a private Roman winery near Rome
Part of the discovered wine estate

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Archaeologists have discovered a large wine farm from Roman times near Rome. A grape-growing complex was found southeast of the Italian capital and dates back to the 3rd century AD.

The winery is part of the 24-hectare estate of the Villa of the Quintilii. Baths, a theater and a racetrack are already found in this wonderful little town. So it has become a major tourist attraction.

According to the researchers The winery was mainly used by the rich and powerful Romans who were looking for entertainment. It is possible that the emperor himself visited regularly.

Luxury and entertainment

The winery included luxurious dining rooms with views of the enslaved workers who made the wine. According to the researchers, the entertainment of the elite was more important than the production of wine itself.

For example, wine flowed through expensive white marble channels and there were fountains through which wine flowed. There was also a lot of music and festivities while the slaves mashed fresh grapes.

According to archaeologists, the winery has familiar features from Roman times, but the decoration and architecture are unique. Researchers say this level of luxury was rarely seen in ancient times.

Found out by chance

The winery was discovered by chance. Archaeologists searched for the entrance to a hippodrome that was to be built around AD 177. It turned out later that the winery was built on one of these pillars.

Archaeologists haven’t figured it all out yet. They hope to obtain additional funding to continue excavations.

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