NFL rumors: Eagles ‘Nick Siriani’ isn’t ‘at all’ on a hot seat, insider reports

NFL rumors: Eagles 'Nick Siriani' isn't 'at all' on a hot seat, insider reports

A number of Eagles fans were unimpressed by Nick Siriani’s first six games as coach. His playing seems uninspiring, some of his in-game decisions were completely wrong, and for some reason he hates giving the ball to Miles Sanders.

Not a great start!

It seems too early to ask for a man’s job, but the relentless news cycle is turning, and some fans are especially impatient.

So when FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer answered questions from football fans regarding his weekly #AskGlazer clip on Twitter, he asked if Sirianni might actually be in the hot seat.

Here’s what: Glazer, one of the most well-connected reporters who accurately predicted Zach Ertz’s trade, She had to submit:

“Not at all. Listen, he’s a first-year head coach there, and I know Philadelphia is tough, but he’s not on the hot seat that early. But that’s what happens in Philly, right? I just want to say, ‘Oh my God, we’re losing , “But no. They are not going to fire him after one year.”

Yes that seems correct. Some organizations across the league aren’t afraid to send in coaches after one bad season, but the Eagles have historically been fairly patient with head coaches. The only time in franchise history that a newly appointed coach didn’t have at least a second season was in 1951, when Bo McMillin had to step down mid-season due to a stomach cancer diagnosis.

Every other newly appointed coach in Eagles history has had at least a second season. I can’t imagine Siriani would be the first person to boot after one year, unless he showed a complete lack of growth over the next 11 games and did a bunch of wrong things.

Has Siriani really given many reasons why Eagles fans are excited about his future as a head coach in the NFL? Eh, not really.

Robin Frank of NBC Philadelphia Sports has been all over Siriani’s flaws, too, including This evaluation of his theatrical call after the loss of the sixth week:

“I can’t help believing that Sirianni needs to hand the play to someone else, at least for a few weeks so he can fall back and regroup as a theater communicator. There is a lot of talent in this offense, but it is largely wasted. Sirianni has no inclination for this. He has no idea how to keep the defense guessing. Nothing innovative or creative.”

But it is still in its infancy. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and let him try to grow in the job for now.

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