Next week, the European Union may agree to charge with a USB-C cable | Currently

Next week, the European Union may agree to charge with a USB-C cable |  Currently

All phones, tablets and other consumer electronics in the EU must be able to use a standard charger with a USB-C connection. A final agreement on that is expected on Tuesday, according to reports Reuters Friday.

According to the news agency, the EU member states and the European Parliament have reached an agreement on this point. Once the new law is formally approved, manufacturers will have two years to adapt to the new standard.

According to the European Commission, it is more convenient for consumers to use a standard charger. Now many different chargers are needed for different devices.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton earlier said he would like to see this change. “Soon all family members will be able to use exactly the same charger, regardless of their phone.”

The law also provides for the separation of the sale of chargers from the sale of devices. In addition, a universal charger can save a lot of waste, because manufacturers still supply standard chargers with their products.

The European Union has been working on plans for a global charger since 2010, but has so far waited for voluntary steps from the companies. They largely failed to materialize.

Apple previously stated that it did not like the EU’s plans. According to the tech giant, this will stagnate innovation. It would also create mountains of e-waste, because accessories for Apple devices already on the market could no longer be used.

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