News from the United States: The tribe was expelled

News from the United States: The tribe was expelled

Job Stam was fired as coach FC Cincinnati. The club announced this on Monday from American Major League Soccer.

Club Stamm is responsible for the bad decisions the team makes. Assistants Chad Baggatti and Jan Tomet, who were taken to the MLS by Stam, must also clear the field. Youth coach Tyrone Marshall is currently taking over the course, and Cincinnati is already looking for a new head coach.

Jeff Berding, the club’s president, thinks Stam’s resignation is the best choice he can make. “We believe this is a change of coach coming to the club on time. We are going to find a new head coach. We are an ambitious club with big goals. It is very important for Cincinnati to win the championship.”

Appointing the Dutch coach in May 2020, Berding continues, “We want to thank Jap for everything he did for Cincinnati during his time at this club.” It is not an undeserved success. “We now congratulate him on his return home and spending more time with his family.”

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