Bobo announced the European Union hundreds of candy flights | Abroad

Bobo announced the European Union hundreds of candy flights |  Abroad

As a member of the Audit Bureau, the former Liberal minister has had to keep an eye on whether EU money is going to the right place since 2006, but above all he has taken good care of himself. For example, advertise hundreds of hunting trips and other candy trips as business trips with your employer and drive the official car at all times.

In the meantime, he continued to do business and engage in politics, while this is not allowed by the independent regulator, the State Audit Bureau. It was precisely the head of the EU diplomatic corps, whom he had to check, trying to sell an apartment. According to the court, he lifted the insurance.

When 69-year-old Pinxten’s misbehavior surfaced, his generous date was not renewed after twelve years. The audit office later decided to recover his owed pension, but Pinkstein contested this before the European Court.


He has now ruled in his favour, although the court does not accept the insurance fraud claim, among other things. However, there is still enough to conclude that Pinxten has “manifestly acted in violation of the obligations arising from his duties in the Court of Auditors”.

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