New York Yankees acquire All-Star Andrew Benintende from Kansas City Royals

New York Yankees acquire All-Star Andrew Benintende from Kansas City Royals

The New York Yankees made their first of what could be a series of moves ahead of next week’s trading deadline, capturing the All-Star player. Andrew Benintende From the Kansas City Royals, it was announced Wednesday night.

The Yankees are sending three potential minor-league players to the Royal Family in exchange for the 28-year-old Benentende: right-hander Pick Wey, right-footed deep Chandler Champlain and left-hander TJ Sikima.

Benintendi was selected for the first MLB All-Star game of his career this season. During Wednesday, he has a career best score of .320 with three home runs, 39 RBI and .788 OPS in 93 games this season.

It gives the Yankees another option on the field. Giancarlo Stanton He is expected to miss at least two to three weeks after entering this week’s list of sufferers with left Achilles tendinitis, and Joey Gallo Hits .161.

“He’s clearly a really good player in the middle of the All-Star season,” Yankees coach Aaron Boone said after Wednesday. 3-2 loss to the New York Mets before the deal was announced. “We’ve had a really good year for the royal family at the moment.”

Last season, Benintendi hit 0.276 with 17 homers and 73 RBI, winning the Golden Glove in his first season with the Royals. Kansas City acquired him from the Boston Red Sox in February 2021 as part of a three-team trade that also included the Mets.

“He’s a really good player,” Yankees star Aaron Judge He said. “I’ve had the opportunity to play against him for a few years when he was playing in Boston, and I’ve seen him do a lot of impressive things… He’ll definitely be a big part of what we’ve got here.”

Benintendi was one of 10 players in the Royal Family who did not travel to Toronto from July 14-17 in a four-game series with the Blue Jays because they had not received a COVID-19 vaccination. He lost $186,813 of the $8.5 million salary he won in an arbitration case against the royal family.

New York believes he can be vaccinated. None of the Yankees have missed previous trips to Toronto this season, and the Yankees have a three-game streak there from September 26-28.

β€œFor me, it was a personal decision,” Benintende said earlier this month of the vaccine. “I’ll leave it at that.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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