New York Jets shock Cincinnati Bengals behind massive QB Mike White on first NFL start

New York Jets shock Cincinnati Bengals behind massive QB Mike White on first NFL start

East Rutherford, NJ – Unknown quarterback Mike White, on his first NFL start, rallied the New York Jets to a stunning upset over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, throwing three touchdown passes for 405 yards in a 34-31 win.

Compensation for the injured Zach Wilson, White, a former coaching staff member who was cut five times, rallied Gates from an 11-point deficit in the fourth quarter. Throwing scoring passes to run backwards Ty Johnson (19 yards) and narrow end Tyler Croft (13 yards) on a straight property.

Then came the caper: White caught passing on the two-point diversion, a “Philly Special” where there’s a wide receiver Jamison Crowder Throwing. The planes scored five possessions in a row before the clock ran out.

The crowd cheered White’s name after winning one of the most incredible planes in a long time. The Jets (2-5) entered the game as an underdog with 11.5 points – their third biggest win over the past 40 seasons. They outperformed the Bengals (5-3) most of the game, but fell back, 31-20, early in the fourth quarter.

White, a fifth-round pick for the Dallas Cowboys in 2018, got the starting nod because Wilson injured his right knee in last week’s 54-13 loss to the New England Patriots. Wilson is expected to be out for two to four weeks. Veteran aircraft gained Joe Flacco On Monday’s deal, he was inactive for the game as he wasn’t able to train until Friday.

Flacco said he came to the Gates with the intention of playing during Wilson’s rehab period. This plan may have been changed due to White’s exciting game. Within seven days, the planes went from one of their worst losses ever to one of their best.

White activated the previously moribund offense, which finished with 512 total yards. He dropped the second-most yardage since 1950 in favor of the NFL quarterback in his debut. Cam Newton He had 422 yards in 2011 for the Carolina Panthers.

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