New forest fires broke out in Greece, Slovenia and Tenerife

New forest fires broke out in Greece, Slovenia and Tenerife

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Greek firefighters battle a large forest fire on the island of Lesvos for the second day in a row. But several fires have now broken out in the western Peloponnese. The village had to be evacuated due to the fire.

On Lesbos, the inhabitants of the southern part of the island were called to search for a safe haven. Houses and cars caught fire. Two villages in the area were evacuated. 141 fires were identified across Greece in 24 hours.

Forest fires in and around Dadia National Park, in northeastern Greece, have also managed to spread today. According to the Minister of Civil Protection, the fire brigades are hampered by the changing winds and the rugged terrain.

The evolution of smoke on Lesvos was so remarkable yesterday that satellite satellites managed to catch it:

The risk of wildfires will remain high in the coming days. Temperatures are expected to reach 40 degrees until at least the end of the week.

In Spain, where dozens of fires broke out last week, the situation appears to be improving, and there are fears of a new bushfire outbreak on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

The fire destroyed more than 2,000 hectares of nature. Hundreds of residents of the northern coastal region were evacuated. According to regional authorities, firefighting is challenging, in part due to the very high temperatures.

Several hundred people were also evacuated in Italy due to the fire. It happened in Gorizia, near the border with Slovenia. There are about 2,000 firefighters and volunteers battling the flames. Extinguishing work is complicated by the presence of explosives left over from the First World War. For this reason, extinguishing is carried out mainly from air.

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