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Yes, Intel needs it, this poor company only has a 70% market share in the overall x86 market! It’s time to completely tear down AMD so that Intel can take full control of the market as before and stop innovation †
source market share

I am amazed every time at the shortsightedness of my fellow Twekers. For years, the problem has been the lack of innovation, AMD comes with a product that comes close (Zen 1) not a good area. Fair enough, AMD comes with a refresh and update (Zen+ and Zen2) that takes pretty big strides in terms of workstation tasks, and the weather isn’t good because games are still lagging. AMD comes with Zen3 and after more than a decade they take the crown of performance in games and raise their prices in line with the market and then get expensive again which is “Intel practices”.
Yes, R&D costs a lot of money and has to be paid somehow, it was indeed a huge feat to develop an entirely new architecture from scratch that started very well from almost nothing (Zen). Then of course we as customers want to see something new in terms of development every 1-2 years and you have to stay ahead but you have to pay for that from…hot air?

Intel is a giant compared to AMD with annual sales volume about 10~12x more for years source† Well sales volume doesn’t say much and I’m not a star in financial numbers but [url=…-full-year-2021-financial] AMD posted profits of $3.2 billion in 2021 and it was its most profitable year ever.
Intel had a relatively bad year with [url= https://www.macrotrends.n…s/INTC/intel/gross-profit]$43.81 billion gross profit.
I’m sure I’m not comparing this correctly, so a smarter trainer might want to improve me, but the bottom line is that Intel is a lot bigger.

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So let’s stop complaining that AMD gets paid for their CPUs and help them reach 50% market share and build a healthy buffer in the coming years so that the market remains interesting in the future!!

(And yes, I bought Zen and Zen 3 in principle just for AMD support).

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