China refuses to supply aircraft spare parts to Russia

China refuses to supply aircraft spare parts to Russia

Russia has already faced a lot of European sanctions. It is now reported that the country is no longer receiving aircraft parts from China.

Reuters He writes that, according to Russian news agencies, the Russian aviation authority claims that China no longer sends spare parts to airlines. Thus, the country joins the resolution From Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. Aircraft manufacturers indicated at the end of February that they would not supply Russia with aircraft spare parts due to European sanctions. It concerns the sale of hardware, spare parts and other equipment. So two weeks ago KLM decided to suspend flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg turning back Because safety can no longer be guaranteed if spare parts are not allowed to be exported to Russia.

The fact that Russian Airlines no longer receives spare parts is a big problem for Aeroflot and S7, among other things. The former operates 118 Airbus aircraft and 59 Boeing aircraft. The second has fifty Airbus aircraft and 52 Boeing aircraft. It is reported that Valery Kudinov, an official at Rosaviatsia, said that Russia is looking at other ways to receive spare parts. Turkey and India are expected to resume the state after China’s refusal. China is trying to play the role of mediator during the war.

Gleb Osokin – Russian AviaPhoto Team, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL 1.2, via Commons Wikimedia

Russia refuses to return the planes

In addition, Kudinov noted that the chartered aircraft, which currently still come from abroad, are registered in Russia. And the European penalty means that the lease agreements before the end of March . is raised† Russian Airlines has a total of 980 passenger aircraft in service, 777 of which are leased. Termination of these contracts will lead to a significant shrinkage of fleets.

Russia has already tried to escape from the dance† Russian authorities have said that planes of foreign leasing companies are no longer allowed to fly outside Russia’s borders. This makes it virtually impossible for these companies to take back their devices. The Russian government also stated in a bill that chartered planes must be paid in rubles. In addition, the state forbids airlines from returning their leased aircraft to the original owner.

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