Netflix’s trick works: The streaming service gains nearly 9 million subscribers

Netflix's trick works: The streaming service gains nearly 9 million subscribers

Netflix announced at the beginning of this year that it was no longer allowed to share an account with multiple people. This measure took effect this summer. Market research agency GfK concluded at the end of September that fewer people in the Netherlands were watching a series or movie on Netflix.

Few departures

Netflix has already added several new subscribers around the world, the company reported yesterday. The number of viewers has not increased this quickly in years. For comparison: in the whole of 2022, Netflix attracted about 9 million new subscribers, in the last three months it was 8.8 million.

In total, about 247 million people around the world now pay for the streaming service. According to Netflix, the number of people canceling their subscriptions due to the new measure wasn’t too bad.

More money, less investment

It makes Netflix a lot of extra money. Sales in the fourth quarter increased by about 8 percent to reach $8.5 billion compared to the previous year. Below the line, approximately $1.7 billion in profits remained.

Netflix has recently attracted viewers with series like Lupine, Beckham, and The Fall of the House of Usher. The company is investing less in new series and films this year, but that’s largely due to the strike that paralyzed Hollywood for months.

Subscription prices

The company also announced yesterday that subscription prices in the United States, France and Great Britain will rise. American will soon pay not $10 but $12 for a regular subscription. In the Netherlands, Netflix remains available from €7.99 per month.

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