Netflix Unveils Brutal Murder Case Season 2

Netflix Unveils Brutal Murder Case Season 2

It is finally known where the second season of a sample It will pass. Next year, Netflix will dive into the Menendez brothers’ story after Jeffrey Dahmer.

Netflix scored a monster hit last year with Sample: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a series about the serial killer of the same name. In fact, it remains one of the most-watched English-language premieres on the streaming service ever. This is more savory, also for Netflix.

The Beast: Jeffrey Dahmer finished

Brought into the company as a gentle bouncer soon after a sample Documentary series on Jeffrey Dahmer, Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes. However, it didn’t stop there. Already a month after the appearance a sample Netflix has announced that there will be two more seasons of the hit series. Famed producer Ryan Murphy has managed to continue building other series on his long resume.

Since this announcement, fans have been primarily concerned with the question of where the second season will be a sample It will pass. with a new season Weird things You know roughly what to expect. but a sample he excerptsseries, where the focus is on a different killer each time. Or, as Netflix itself sums it up: “Stories of brutal characters who had an impact on society.”

Netflix is ​​focusing on the Menendez brothers

for my lovers a sample Now there is good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news: Season 2 of the Netflix Original won’t be coming to the streaming service until 2024. The good news is that it’s also been announced what the new season will be. We follow not one, but two monsters in the year 2024: Lyle and Eric Menendez.

Two brothers were convicted of killing their parents in 1989. Netflix immediately puts a file on Erie True crimeSet the mood with the first effective teaser for season two of the series: We hear the 911 call from Lyle Menendez. The resulting lawsuits were widely followed in the media in the 1990s. Speaking to the judge, the brothers said they committed the murders out of fear that their father would kill them after he threatened to expose him to years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse, while the prosecution said they did so to protect their multimillion-dollar father. wealth.

Huge power

Enough materials and plots for a new one drama. Netflix isn’t the first party to adapt the story of the two brothers. Several documentaries and series have been made about the Menendez brothers, with the first season of Law & Order: True Crime as the most famous. In any case, the potential of the streaming service is enormous: especially in America, the murder case was a huge phenomenon, so after thirty years of serving things again in spot The jacket will undoubtedly result in amazing numbers.

We’ll find out in 2024. The new season of the hit series has begun Monsters: The Story of Lyle and Eric Menendez reveal his identity. Plural, because we’re talking about two killers. can’t wait? Then we have a list of the best right here True crimeA Netflix documentary series is waiting for you. Remarkably, competitor Peackock will soon release a new documentary series on the case:

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Beyond Dahmer: Netflix Unveils Season 2’s Brutal Murder Case

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