February 4, 2023

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Donnie Rolvink was run over by a friend while recording a fitness video |  stars

Donnie Rolvink was run over by a friend while recording a fitness video | stars

“Donnie’s whole life is Instagram,” says Dries. “He and some friends came up with a plan to impersonate their great bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman.” In the clip, Coleman is photographed by Hammer doing a lunge with an iron bar tied to his neck in the street.

Donnie and his friends played the movie Monday night at Hilversum. While turning, the friend driving the Hummer accidentally depressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake. As a result, the car hit Donnie. “He’s lucky she was a Hummer,” says Dries. “There is a lot of space under the car. That was his luck.”

on me secretly “That boy went over him, he ‘goed out’ and got back in the ambulance again,” Dries told us Tuesday morning. And he continues: “Donnie is clear, speaks well, everything ended well.”

The article continues below the video.

Five broken ribs

Donny is now in the hospital with five broken ribs and a collapsed lung. A brain scan at Utrecht Hospital showed that Doni had not suffered any brain damage from the accident.

Father Dries says the whole family is very shocked. So does the friend who made the mistake: “That boy was devastated by what happened. They have known each other for years, they are best friends.” According to Dries, Donnie is not considering reporting the incident.

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