Netflix Top-3: The Netherlands watched these movies en masse this weekend

Netflix Top-3: The Netherlands watched these movies en masse this weekend

For many Dutch, the weekend is the perfect time to unwind and watch a movie on the sofa after a busy week at school or at work. Popcorn, cola, beer with it… and see. These are the three most-watched movies on Netflix this weekend.

#1 kissing booth 3 (2021)

exit: Marcello wins | spit: joey kingAnd Joel CourtneyAnd jacob pink, it’s at

Elle is about to go to university and has been accepted into two different universities. She can go to Harvard with her boyfriend Noah or choose to attend Berkeley with her childhood friend of mine. She’s planning the ultimate bucket list for one last great summer before she takes the plunge.# 2 monster hunter (2020)

exit: Paul WS Anderson | spit: Jovovich MileAnd Tony JagAnd Ron Perlman, it’s at

Captain Artemis and her military unit find themselves in an unexpected sandstorm. This transports them to a new world inhabited by huge monsters. Unfortunately, these monsters turned out to be immune to their firepower. It’s up to Artemis and her team to find a way to defeat the creatures and survive.

# 3 Beckett (2021)

exit: Ferdinando Seto Filmarino | spit: John David WashingtonAnd Boyd HolbrookAnd Alicia Vikander, it’s at

The American couple Beckett’s vacation and April vacation in Athens, Greece, were shattered when protests erupted over the disappearance of a politician’s son. They decide to find a quieter place, but after a tragic accident, Beckett has no choice but to flee. It turns out that he ended up in a political conspiracy that threatens his life.

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